Free Personal Safety Course for Women!

1st and 2nd May 2024
Supper Room, Kirkwall Town Hall
9:30 AM To 4:00 PM

Multi-award winning, empowerment-focussed, trauma-informed Personal Safety training, including practical self-defence!

The theory side covers the Law regarding Self Defence, Reasonable Use of Force, Warning Signs and Danger Signs (so you can recognise when an attacker is about to attack before it happens), Voice Control, Defensive Stance, the T-Zone (so you know where to strike an attacker effectively), Improvised Weapons, and various scenarios such as what to do if you’re being followed.

The practical self-defence side covers breakaway techniques from a wrist grab and clothing grab, escape from a stranglehold, how to defend against a frontal attacker and a back attack, and defence against a ground attack (both a physical assault and, if required, a sexual assault).

Although the day flies by, some groups need a shorter course. To accommodate this, we have to miss out on elements of our training. A 3-hour course will be mainly theory with a small amount of self-defence, but the best course would be a 6-hour session. This will give plenty of time for questions and advice, as well as all the self-defence techniques and all the theory side.

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