About us

Orkney Partnership for Action Against Gender Based Violence and Abuse works at a local level as the key driver for multi-agency work to tackle violence against women and girls and gender based violence.

We work alongside Equally Safe guidelines and are responsible for bringing together all the key public sector and third sector organisations working to prevent and eradicate violence against individuals within Orkney.

We ensure that an effective and strategic approach is taken to progress the priorities set out in Equally Safe.

Key members of the partnership include representatives from Women’s Aid, ORSAS, Relationship Scotland Orkney, Police Scotland, NHS, Public Health, OHAC, Education, Right There, Housing, Criminal Justice, Victim Support, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal and other relevant organisations.

Importantly, the partnership offers a single point of contact for the breadth of work being taken to tackle gender based violence on all levels and to avoid duplication of effort and resource.

The main aim of the partnership is to ensure that the best use of all available resources in the community and that individuals affected by violence and abuse receive integrated, relevant and effective services. In order to do this, key activities undertaken by the partnership include:

Ensuring anyone affected by violence or abuse receive early and effective interventions

Promoting a preventative approach to tackling violence and abuse

Disseminating learning and training

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